Monday, October 20, 2014

Product Spotlight: Advanced Formula Fat Fighter

If you have read my About Me page, you know I'm an It Works independent distributor. Well not only do I sell these products, I use them! Today, I wanted to spotlight one of my favorite products that I would not be caught dead without. This product is a supplement called Advanced Formula Fat Fighters. 

This all natural, whole food supplement is perfect going into the holiday season. It will allow you to enjoy some holiday foods without having to feel guilty. They are also good throughout the year when you have a cheat meal or are needing a boost to shed a few pounds. 

What are Fat Fighters?

 This is the It Works description of Fat Fighters, "Have a sweet tooth? A carb craving? It's okay to indulge every once in a while when you have Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors!
Simply take Fat Fighter up to an hour after eating, and it will absorb some of the fat and carbohydrates from your food so that your body doesn't. Powered by NeOpuntia™ (a naturally based ingredient made from the "prickly pear" cactus) and the It Works! proprietary blend, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter delivers dynamic, clinically tested results for both men and women.
Blocks some of the fat & carbs from meals
Helps balance healthy blood glucose level and reduce cravings
Designed to be taken up to an hour after meals
Cactus-based formula
Does not contain shellfish
Directions: Adults take 2 tablets during or up to 60 minutes after each large meal."


My Experience with Fat Fighters

 Let me just say that Fat Fighters are amazing! Seriously, y'all, I love these things. Not only do they block some of the carbs and fat from cheat meals, but they also seem to keep me from having that bloated yucky feeling after a carb heavy meal. I have taken them to keep me from gaining weight when I eat cheat meals.

My mom was my 1st loyal customer (see picture below about loyal customer program)  to try these. Her 1st week she only took 1 pill with her heaviest meal of the day and ended up losing around 4 lbs!  Now she only uses them when she over indulges.

I have many loyal customers besides my mom who use and love these little wonders. They have all lost weight or maintained their weight through periods of unhealthy eating. 

Now...please don't take this as me telling you to run out and constantly eat junky, food that is devoid of nutrients. This supplement is meant to be used with the occasional cheat meal, not as a crutch to unhealthy eating. When this product is paired with healthy diet and exercise, it can maximize weightloss. 

Now that you know my secret, how are you going to the bulge this holiday season? 

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